We love Brands

Brands are operating in the most cluttered, noisy, and competitive market place of all time and we understand that you need to know what’s working for your brand and what’s not – and fast.

We understand that consumers are people first and foremost. We observe how they interact with and respond to brands, products and packaging, and services. We distinguish between what they say they want and what makes them buy. What they want to hear from you and how they want your brand to speak to them and fit into their lives.

Whether you need a longer-term brand tracker to keep a check on your KPIs or a more bespoke research approach around brand positioning, stretch, reach or loyalty we can help.

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We’re trackers

For most companies trackers provide performance metrics that are central to their business. But too often these big budget surveys become suffocating, difficult to change and slow to respond.

We do trackers. In fact we do a lot of trackers. But we do them a bit differently. We do them in a way that helps you sniff out opportunities.

Of course we provide the core measures that gauge performance over time. But we build flexibility into our trackers and encourage change, so they help with today’s hot button issues.

Customer Satisfaction


Ever done a customer satisfaction survey and felt frustrated that you really haven’t been given the chance to say what you really feel?

You’re not alone.

If you don’t like being asked to rate dozens of attributes without being given the chance to nail the one thing that’s bugging you, why should your customers?

Give them a break. Make sure the questionnaire is a pleasure not a penance to complete. Make sure they have the opportunity to talk about what’s important to them. Then they’ll be able to tell you what you’ve got right. What’s wrong. And what you should do about it.

And you’ll find the step change service improvements that customers need to become more loyal and recommend you more.

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Marketing Sciences

Analyse This

While they sound difficult and complicated, advanced analytical methods help clarify and simplify data, identifying and highlighting the truly market critical issues which are so often buried beneath the surface.

Our Advanced Analytics team has decades of experience across all major Marketing Science disciplines. We offer customer loyalty modelling, pricing and line optimization, NPD and segmentation as well as data integration. We go beyond classical analyses to machine learning and interactive data visualization. And we’re constantly seeking out new methods that provide new and better insights.

But rest assured, no matter how complex the analysis we’ll present the results clearly, simply and engagingly.

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Here, There & Everywhere

It’s not just about getting the translations right. You know that as well as we do. Years of experience working with clients in both developed & emerging markets mean we understand how to negotiate the minefield of multi-market, multi-cultural research.

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Simply taking a research design which works well in your home market and applying it around the world is never the best approach – no matter how good the translations. It’s all too easy to be guilty of grouping markets into broad-brush categories according to their region, size or level of development, but to get best results you really do need to appreciate the unique differences and nuances of individual markets.

So we work with local experts who truly understand the cultural context, how the product sector works in their market and how your brand is positioned – and we design studies where every market is a home market.


Someone's listening

Our moderated online communities allow you to get closer than ever to your customers by encouraging them to work co-operatively, share experiences and direct the debate entirely on their own terms. They can ideate, co-create and add content. The anonymous online environment means even the most sensitive issues are discussed openly and honestly – whether it’s the financial details of a new car purchase or the symptoms of an illness.

Our advanced text analytics means we can extract the key themes and sentiments from any amount of free form data – so we can offer this in-depth qualitative research on a truly quantitative scale.

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