Learn from “competitors” you didn’t know you had

Customer expectations of good service is ever changing

Our new research into customer expectations across sectors shows that as customers become more demanding, brands need to be looking outside their market sector for best practice in delivering optimal service.

Standards are set by the best service experiences – whatever they might be – and these influences the way consumers judge their day-to-day service interactions in lots of different situations.

Underneath this, we have identified three cultural themes that drive people’s experience expectations and are disrupting the status quo in service delivery – Personalisation, Instant Gratification and New Luxury.

We have also found online and high street retailers, and supermarkets are the surprising leaders in a poll of customer service ratings, with financial services, energy and telecoms brands falling far behind, suggesting there is a great deal marketers can gain from looking to the best brands outside their industry and personalising interactions across channels and touch points.

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