We put real people back into business decision making

At Simpson Carpenter we put real people at the forefront of decision-making.

We watch what they do, listen to what they say and ask them what they think.

Real people are what make real businesses tick. They make them; they break them.

Real people live in real time. Reviewing, liking, sharing. We connect and engage with customers and consumers; using the channels they use, talking the language they talk. We find out what they’re saying and what they’re doing, what gets them out of bed on a morning, what they love and what they hate.

Then we feed it back to you. So their voice is just as important as loudest in the boardroom.

So why us?

We know you haven’t got much time so we’ll get straight to the point.

We specialise. So we understand your industry, speak your language and give credible advice.

Candid advice. We’ll help you see your market in a new light.

Agility. We know you have to move fast so we do too.

Commitment – what matters to you matters to us.

Great debriefs. We deliver great insights, clearly and simply, with as much theatre as you like.

Brevity. We know you haven’t got much time… so we get straight to the point.

Real Life Stories

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15 January 2019

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